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Latest News

Billionaire Bill Miller calls Bitcoin ‘insurance’ against financial catastrophe

Miller said Bitcoin “functioned without the Fed and without any interference” during times of market turmoil, concluding that “it’s an...
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JPMorgan trials blockchain for collateral settlement in after-hours trading

“What we’ve achieved is the friction-less transfer of collateral assets on an instantaneous basis,” stated JPMorgan’s global head of trading...
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Falling wedge pattern points to eventual Ethereum price reversal, but traders expect more pain first

ETH dropped below a key support in its USD/BTC pair, but analysts say a bullish trading pattern could eventually spark...
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Brainard tells House committee about potential role of CBDC, future of stablecoins

The Fed vice chair told the House Financial Services Committee that a CBDC offers stability, interoperability in increasingly complex economic...
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‘Other flavors of Tether’ will bridge users to USDT: Paolo Ardoino

Through a peso-backed stablecoin, Tether is basically “recreating forex markets with Tether products,” Ardoino said. Tether’s decision to launch a...
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Ethereum price dips below the $1.8K support as bears prepare for Friday’s $1B options expiry

Looming macroeconomic concerns and this week’s $1B ETH options expiry threaten to pin Ethereum price under the $1,800 support. Ether's...
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Spooky Solana breakdown begins with SOL price facing a potential 45% drop — Here’s why

SOL price can preserve the bullish bias, however, as its two multi-month support levels converge for the first time. Solana...
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Bitcoin ‘good to go up’ after BTC price hits lowest since Terra crash

A wick to $28,000 sparks hopes of multi-week highs but caution remains over thin order book liquidity. Bitcoin (BTC) recovered...
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Tether launches stablecoin pegged to pesos on Ethereum, Tron and Polygon

The announcement highlighted that this may spark the launch of more peso-backed stablecoins within the region. Amid market issues surrounding...
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Powers On… When will we learn from recent history to protect our crypto and ourselves?

Stablecoins provide a false sense of security. They give the impression to the uninitiated and/or uncaring that a particular coin...
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