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Latest News

How can DAOs involve fans in filmmaking? Expert answers

Jake Fraser believes that DAOs can let fans get involved from the scriptwriting process to the selection of actors who...
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South African Reserve Bank encourages friendly behavior with crypto

The banking authority said avoiding risk by cutting off crypto-involved clients may pose a “threat” to financial integrity. The Prudential...
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Korean financial watchdog to block tens of unregistered exchange websites

Korea's Financial Intelligence Unit is cracking down on foreign-based cryptocurrency exchanges that are yet to register with relevant authorities in...
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Coinbase would rather shut down staking than enable on-chain censorship — Brian Armstrong

With the ban on Tornado Cash, many DeFi proponents are worried that crypto exchanges, which are also the key validators...
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Chinese mining giant Canaan doubles profits despite the blanket crypto ban

The Chinese crypto miner maker Canaan has been expanding its mining business, accumulating a total of 346.84 BTC by the...
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Ukraine has shown the value cryptocurrency offers to real people

Ukrainian refugees have used cryptocurrency to survive. And contrary to what critics believe, sanctions have prevented Russia from finding much...
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Tether reserve attestations to be conducted by major European accounting firm

BDO Italia, a member of the BDO Global accounting organization, will begin producing monthly attestations of Tether’s USDT backing. In...
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Bitcoin price heads above $23.5K after highest EU inflation in history

Inflation surprises keep coming, while the European Central Bank refuses to rule out even higher numbers in the future. Bitcoin...
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Ripple CTO lashes back at Vitalik Buterin for his dig at XRP

David Schwartz compared crypto miners in the Ethereum and Bitcoin ecosystems to shareholders of eBay, which he believes makes BTC...
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Celer Network shuts down bridge over potential DNS hijacking

The platform asked users to revoke token approvals for smart contracts on several blockchains, including Ethereum and BSC. Interoperability protocol...
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