KyberSwap exploiter linked to $50M HXA token movement

Blockchain security firm Cyvers said the KyberSwap exploiter’s acquired funds were spread across various externally owned accounts now recognized as the top HXA tokenholders.

Blockchain security firm Cyvers detected a movement of $50 million in HAXcoin (HXA), the native utility token of the Herencia Artifex nonfungible token project, linked to the KyberSwap exploiter. 

The KyberSwap exploiter’s address got these tokens from an Ethereum address using the “transfer from function.”

Decentralized application users commonly use the “transfer from” function. It refers to a mechanism by which one party (sender) can transfer or send tokens from the balance of another party (owner) to a third-party address. However, improper use or vulnerabilities in implementing such functions can lead to security concerns.

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